About Trusted.com

A Challenging Global Marketplace

In today’s global marketplace, buyers purchases need to be verified and protected more than ever. The prevalence of deceptive business practices which mislead consumers with sophisticated counterfeits makes it vitally important that buyers know not only the provenance of what they are buying, but also the legitimacy of whom they are buying it from.

The Solution

Trusted.com has established itself as a leader in authenticity verification and anti-counterfeiting solutions. Through use of our patented authentication service platform and the Trusted eTitle, retailers and consumers alike are now able to protect themselves from the countless grey marketers and counterfeiters attempting to win consumers’ business through misleading business practices. With Trusted, buyers are now able to verify in real time the authenticity of a product and achieve absolute peace of mind on:

  • Proof of Provenance
  • Genuine, Not Counterfeit
  • New, Not Used
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Sold by an Authorized Dealer

With an eTitle, you can once again TRUST WHAT YOU BUY!

About Trusted.com

Founded in 2008, Trusted.com has revolutionized the way companies and individual consumers across all industries purchase authentic items. Using a patented system for verification and registration of authentic merchandise, Trusted.com is dedicated to fighting the global counterfeiting and grey market epidemic. Trusted.com partners with brands to provide industry leading brand security solutions that verify the authenticity of products as well as detect counterfeits, identify grey market diversion, and monitor supply chain track and trace.

For more information about Trusted.com or to verify if a product you currently own or are considering purchasing is authentic, please visit www.trusted.com.