Along the Firehole, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, 2010

Bison gather in the winter along the Firehole River in Yellowstone National Park. Their thick winter coats protecting them from the dangerously cold temperatures known to frequent Yellowstone in coldest months of the year. Named for the steam rising from the valley floor surrounding it resembling fires and campfire smoke, “holes” were simply valleys used by trappers in the fur trade. This area, known by the first fur trappers was simply known as the “Fire-hole” a name that stuck for the river flowing through this beautiful area.

Location: Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
Photograph Date: 2010
Medium: Pigment Print
Edition: 200
Available Sizes: 70cm to 150cm

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About the Photographer

Drew Rush

Drew Rush is photographer living in Northwestern Wyoming. He has photographed a variety of Wildlife & Natural History projects including species such as Grizzly Bears, Mt. Lions, Big Horn Sheep and Black Footed Ferrets. His photographs have been displayed at the National Museum of Wildlife Art.

He is a remote camera specialist, using camera traps to capture never before seen animal behavior in the wild. He is constantly looking for ways to engage and educate viewers, especially the next generation of outdoor & wildlife enthusiasts.

Most recently his work has him following Mt. Lions & Grizzly Bears through the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem for an upcoming special issue of National Geographic Magazine.

When not in the field, he can be found roaming the hills around his home in Jackson, Wyoming with his wife, daughter and yellow lab.

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