Glowing Trees At Sunrise, Mattamuskeet Lake, North Carolina, 2011

This is a really personal image because this is near the family farm in North Carolina where I used to go with my father. Lake Mattamuskeet is in a national wildlife refuge. There’s a Native American legend that attributes the formation of the lake to a fire that burned for fourteen moons. My father and I would visit it at sunrise and spend some really quality time that many young men these days don’t seem to get with their fathers.

I took the image a couple years after my father passed away. I put on waders and stood out in the lake with my tripod and camera. As I stood there, I thought about him and the times we spent at the farm; and all the things he taught me over the years. All the elements came together. The lake was calm; the clouds were unique; and the reflection of the cypress trees on the flat-water lake was like a reflection of my life with him. I still carry his spirit with me when I am in the field photographing and visit the lake every year to reconnect with him and reflect on our time together.

Location: Mattamuskeet Lake, North Carolina
Photograph Date: 2011
Medium: Chromogenic Print
Edition: 200

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About the Photographer

Robbie George

Robbie George grew up in Aspen, Colorado and is currently shooting in Portland, Maine. Robbie is a professional photographer, represented by National Geographic Image Collection, who has been published in many national magazines, web sites, and calendars. His versatile style gives him the ability to take assignments or shoot a variety of subjects for his clients.

"Photography allows me to share my appreciation of the wonder and magnificence of our natural spaces. Working for National Geographic has inspired me to impact lives by sharing the vast beauty that surrounds us. My vision is to capture the harmony of nature, providing the viewer with a sense of wonder, appreciation, and respect. My commitment is to leave a lasting impression and instill a deeper sense of awareness of the natural world."

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