Mona Vale Rock Pool, Australia, 2016

This rock pool is one of a dozen along Sydney’s coastline. It is a natural rock pool enlarged in the 1930s. It was a perfect location – set somewhat deep into the ocean on a finger of land. I wanted the solitary figure almost lost within the breaking waves to convey the sense of smallness among nature’s forces.

Tide times, weather and people were the main obstacles in getting this shot. I needed a high tide breaking over the rock pool walls around 6-7 am on a weekday so it wouldn’t be crowded. Fortunately, this was easy to plan with tides times available online.

The diagonal waves crossing the pool at almost perfect 45-degree angles and the placement of the swimmer centrally drew me to this particular frame.

Location: Mona Vale ocean pool, Sydney, Australia
Photograph Date: 2016
Medium: Chromogenic Print
Edition: 200
Available Sizes: 40cm

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Todd Kennedy

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